Important Dates

Aug. 18: 新学生入住
Aug. 20: 转学生和返校学生搬进来
Aug. 18-22: 新生迎新
Aug. 21: 转学生迎新


国际学生应联络校园生活( 或812-535-5219)来协调他们到达校园.



All Students

Aug. 21: First Monday
Aug. 22: 2023年秋季开学


Move-in Guide


搬进宿舍是多么令人兴奋啊, it can also seem nerve-wracking to live with someone new for the first time. That being said, having a roommate can be a wonderful chance to learn about others. 这里有一些建立良好室友关系的建议!

  1. 诚实,做你自己! Like any new relationship, you’ll want to start off on the right foot and be true to who you are. 这样你的室友就能了解真实的你. 如果你对自己的个性敞开心扉, wants, and needs, 你的室友很可能也会敞开心扉.
  2. Have an open mind. 不是每个人的背景都和你一样, in fact, most people that you meet while in college will have come from walks of life that are vastly different from your own. Try to be understanding and considerate of others’ identities and experiences.
  3. 从一开始就设定明确的期望. You and your roommate will never know exactly what each other is thinking, so you need to be clear about what your expectations are for the shared space. Consider this: who is going to be responsible for taking out the garbage? 晚上你能让灯开到多晚? 你们能借对方的东西吗? 这些都是重要的问题, so we recommend discussing these with your roommate soon after you move in. 室友合同非常有用!
  4. You don’t have to be best friends with your roommate, or even friends at all. We could never expect you to force a friendship with someone when it’s not meant to be. However, we do expect that you can build a respectful relationship and share the space that you both pay for. Some roommates do become good friends, others just chat every now and again. 两种关系都可以, so long as you are able to communicate with and respect each other.
  5. 当你有疑问的时候,把它说出来. Just like how you and your roommate are likely to have different lifestyles, you’re also likely to have different ways of addressing conflict. No matter what your relationship is with your roommate, conflict is bound to arise at some point. The best way to make sure you get through it is to talk about it.
  6. 记住,总会有人来帮忙的! 一定要认识你的住宿助理, 因为当冲突变得难以处理时,他们可以提供帮助. RAs are specially trained in mediation and conflict management and are always happy to help you work it out.

Please note: we do not make changes prior to move-in weekend based on a student’s social media presence.

Mail and Packages

There is daily U.S. 邮政邮件递送服务. 我们的邮递服务与药房上门收件服务类似. Student mail is delivered to the front desk of Le Fer Hall and is available for pick-up during normal front desk hours. Students will receive an email notifying them when they have a package that has been delivered.


Packages will be held at the Le Fer front desk during regular business hours. Please note: Guaranteed express or other timed early delivery packages are independent of SMWC.


[Student Name]
Le Fer Hall


Residence hall floors are locked 24/7 and are accessible only to residents of the building with an SMWC Student ID card.


  • 我们鼓励大家报名参加 text alerts.
  • Don’t hold the door open for strangers entering the building, they must use their SMWC Student ID. 我们知道这看起来很粗鲁,但没关系!
  • 如果你发现任何可疑情况,请向公共安全部门报告.
  • 不要把房间钥匙或学生证借给别人.

Lost Keys & Lost Student IDs

There is a $25 fee for lost keys and a $15 fee for SMWC Student IDs. Keys take up to 2 business days to be cut after payment is made – so please make sure you always know where your key is!

如果你失去了你的 room key, please 联系校园生活 immediately.

如果你失去了你的 SMWC Student ID,请直接到 Public Safety 在乐费尔大厅的花园层.


Other Services

圣玛丽森林学院 also offers some other amenities around campus.

  • Club ’64 is located in the Knoerle Center and is a total fitness center with up-to-date equipment such as an elliptical machine, treadmills, 静止的自行车, 一个完整的鹦鹉螺电路和自由重量区.
  • Studio ' 64位于Le Fer Hall的花园层. It is a multi-purpose space for student events, programs, and organization meetings. 此外,瑜伽在周一和周三下午4点提供.m. 每周二下午6点提供自卫/空手道课程.m.
  • The Oakley Student Center (OSC) is located 在乐费尔大厅的花园层. There is a pool table, ping pong, and a wealth of games and puzzles for students to use.
  • The E-Sports Lounge is coming soon to the garden level of Le Fer Hall and is open to all SMWC students.
  • Sacred Heart Chapel is located on the first floor of Le Fer Hall and is open to all SMWC students every day. Throughout the year Campus Ministry hosts services in the chapel and it is the location for the International Ring Ceremony.


SMWC is focused on providing the campus community with quality services and products in a fiscally responsible fashion. Dining Services offers a variety of food choices including healthy, vegan, and vegetarian options. If you live on campus, the meal plan is included in your room and board fees. 只有一个膳食计划.


膳食计划包括:早餐, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday; brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday.

SMWC学生证:您的SMWC学生证是您的餐卡, prox card for accessing Le Fer Hall and access to printing and copying services on campus. 一定要随身携带. 如果您的ID不能工作,请c联络学生事务处 at 812-535-5281 or stop by the Student Affairs Department on the first floor of Le Fer Hall. 如果您遗失了身份证,请与我们联系 Public Safety.


请在2023年8月18日前在网上登记您的车辆. Please take the time to ensure that your vehicle registration information is accurate and complete. You will annually pick up your parking hangtag during First Monday check-in. 吊牌必须正确地显示在您的车辆上.

Be advised that Public Safety will begin ticketing unregistered vehicles on 2023年8月21日星期一.

Should you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact the Public Safety Department at 812-535-6400 或参观他们在乐佛花园层的办公室.



Laundry rooms are provided on each residential floor in Le Fer and Les Bois. 这些房间24小时开放. Laundry facilities are included in the room rate and require no currency to operate with the exception of the machines in the garden level of Le Fer Hall. 这些设施只供住校学生使用.



IT Helpdesk

信息技术 provides technology support for students, faculty, staff and guests. 联系帮助台 here.